Kinship Support

A growing number of people are finding themselves caring for the children of family members. In some cases, guardianship is informal, while other cases involves Child Protective Services. Regardless of the circumstances, New Horizons offers help and support.

Service Areas

  • Taylor County
  • Callahan County
  • Jones County
  • Coleman County
  • Brown County
  • San Saba County
  • Mills County
  • McCulloch County

New Horizons Family Center offers the following services:

When children 3-17 enter DFPS care they are required to undergo this assessment to determine strengths and needs within 30 days of their initial placement and annually thereafter.

• Therapy
New Horizons’ therapists are practitioners in Trust Based Relational Interventions (TBRI) and specialize in working with kids and families who have experienced trauma, separation, and loss.

• Parent Support
Through training, groups, and individual sessions, New Horizons Therapists and Case Managers work with the family unit to help support parents and caregivers.

• Skills Training
Kids ages 6-17 are able to receive support in school, at the Family Center, or in other community settings to help them cope with day to day issues they are dealing with from peer pressure to truancy. 

New Horizons’ Family Center space is dedicated to community gathering with a comfortable family-friendly feel. Services are offered within the school, home, and also virtual-based in all service areas. New Horizons also works with other local community partners to help connect with best resources.

Our counselors can assist in providing advice about helping teenagers deal with the stress of removal from their family, as well as depression and / or grief associated with that transition to a new home.  The guidance they give will vary depending on each child’s previous circumstances.  But no matter the situation, counseling for both the child and the new family will drastically reduce the confusion created by such a move.  There’s even sessions designed to deal with the ultimate return of the child to their family, which sometimes includes an emotional disconnect, which can certainly be confusing to the child.